Monday, October 1, 2018

How to unlock someone on Facebook

Millions of people can be found in a massive digital ocean called: the internet. Is not a surprise to anyone to hear that the internet is part of the daily life of a person, whether they use it to get knowledge, instructions for a specific process or know the road to somewhere, but one of the most common uses of the internet is communication. Communication with the technology of today is easier and better, as we can not only write to people through text and receive a response in a matter of a second, we are able to call people and even better, see them even when they are on the other side of the earth. This information is actually common nowadays, in fact, the first thing that people think when thinking about when they hear “internet” and “communication” is: social network.

Facebook, the social network most used and popular, has multiple options to offer to the users to communicate between them, it can by sharing images, videos, messages, comments and more. But, what happens when someone that you don’t like or is doing something inappropriate of offensive? Unlike on real life, you can just block the person and that way you will stop receiving their messages, seeing their post and simply cut every connection with that person on Facebook.

When it comes to blocking someone on Facebook, or any social network, sometimes you might have done it without knowing, any other mistake or just try to see what happens and if it really works. Of course, if you just blocked a person because you for any other reason that it happened, don’t panic, you can unlock them easily.

How do I unlock someone on Facebook? 

That’s the subject of this article, to help you solve this problem, clear doubts and go back to be in contact with that person.

Now, is important to remember that if you want to unlock someone on Facebook, it means that they will be able to see the content that you share to the public again. On the other hand, when you unlock another user, you will have to send them or receive a friend request from them, since they automatically don’t come back to your friends list after unlocking them. If you are sure of this decision, please read the next steps to do so:
  1. Go to the top section of Facebook and click on the icon that leads you to the options of the page.
  1. After this, select the “settings” option.
  1. Look for the “privacy” option by scrolling down and then click on “blocking”.
  1. Select on “Blocked users” and then you’ll see a list with the blocked users, the “unblock” option is right next to the name of the user, you just need to click on it.

When you unlock someone on Facebook, you won’t be able to block the user again for a few days, keep in mind that when you decide to unlock the person.

A social network is one of the greatest inventions that the world has nowadays, the communication and freedom to share news, ideas, relevant or funny content, connect with your friends and meet new people that share your interests, all of these means improvement. At the same time that we are able to connect with everybody through Facebook, we are being exposed, our privacy decreases unless you adjust the settings of it, so you’ll have the control of who can see what you share and who can see your profile with the content of it.

The vision of Facebook to create a community by connecting the world and making easier to share your life through it. This can only be done if every user maintains an appropriate behavior with others.

The option of blocking someone from a social network is a tool that people wish that could be used in real life. Imagine the possibility of cutting someone from your life even if it means that is just for a few days, is like building a wall between you and the person. People tend to use the blocking option on platforms like Facebook, to take a moment of peace from someone that is bothering them or because they don’t like the content that they constantly share and not even find it when you search for him or her on the browser.

Don’t confused being blocked with a deactivated account. A deactivated account would be visible on your friend list (only the name, not the picture). Being blocked automatically gets you out of the friend list of the person and if you get unlocked, you’ll need to request to be their friend again, as mentioned before.

If the person that is blocked is you, you can’t be the one that unlocks this option with the user, since you are not the person that requested this action to be done. To know when you are under this situation, make that can’t find the person on your friend list anymore.

Think twice when it comes to unlocking someone on Facebook, if you think that the blocked user might encourage violence, racism, spam or harassment, you can report it to the Facebook team. With millions of users on a platform such as this one, there’s people that enjoy impersonating other people, making other users think that they are someone else that attracts the attention, or they simply have a fake name as their profile. These actions violate the terms of condition of Facebook and should be reported.

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