Monday, October 15, 2018

My Facebook account was deactivated

Facebook, the most popular social network, is a place that allows the people to be themselves, to be known by whoever they want, meet people, connect with friends and family, share news and so on. This popular page is where you can do many things at your home with your computer or anywhere else with a phone. Since its creation, the platform has expanded its features for the users to use, this includes giving them more options to connect with their friends and family through different ways.

The intentions of Facebook are always to have a community, and this vision is on the hands of every person to make it possible.

One of the most important things about the social networks is that they care about their users being safe, comfortable and happy. Facebook is used by millions of people and the interaction between them is a subject of relevance for everyone, that’s why when an unusual or inappropriate situation is being reported, Facebook takes actions about it. This also happens when it comes to the content that the users are posting are not allowed, it means that if someone is using Facebook to share anything against their terms and policies, they will stop it immediately.

My Facebook account was deactivated

How does Facebook acts on those who violate their terms of condition? Is important to remember that when you register on this social network, you are accepting their rules to maintain Facebook as a place that encourages communication without any abuse to other users. Therefore, if a user of Facebook doesn’t follow the community standards, the profile will be deactivated, and depending of the gravity of the situation, it might not be reactivated.

This article is to help you know if your Facebook account has been deactivated and why. Is easy to know when this occurs to you; when you try to log in, a message will appear saying that your profile is disabled. Other users also will know when your account is disabled when they follow you, because by going to their “friends list” they will be able to see the name of your profile, but not your picture. This is another way to tell if someone’s profile has been deactivated, as people tend to see this as a possible “unfriended” or “blocked” situation, but in those cases the person wouldn’t even show on the “friend list” at all.

There are several reasons that lead Facebook to deactivate someone’s account, and all of them are attached to their terms. If you find yourself in this situation, it means that you didn’t followed these terms. To know why your account is disabled, here are some examples that go against the policies of Facebook:
  • Posting inappropriate content: Is important to know that not everything is allowed on Facebook. Sharing posts that encourage violence or racism is not acceptable, this includes posts about someone without their permission and that can offend the person. A post with these or other characteristic that breaks the terms of the social network, will be reported, making Facebook inspect the situation to determine whether is allowed or not.
  • Fake profiles: Honesty is needed to keep a community safe. Having a profile with a fake name goes against the terms as one of the purpose of Facebook is to be yourself. Impersonating someone else is an enormous mistake to make, especially when the real person is not aware of this.
  • Inappropriate behavior: Facebook takes serious acts when someone uses the social network for harassment, advertising (as spam) or offensive communication. The idea of Facebook is to connect people, but is not allowed to take advantage of this for uncomfortable or dangerous situations.
These are just a few examples of the reasons for Facebook to deactivate an account, if you are still in doubt about it, read their terms to make sure to avoid that it happens again. Sometimes Facebook doesn’t previously tell their users that the profile is disabled. If the violations of the terms are severe, the account cannot be restored. In the case of a light violation, you can restore your account by requesting it on the social network.

Is the duty of every user of Facebook to create and maintain a community that is safe for everyone, away from incorrect content, behavior and intentions.Sometimes the content of a post or group might be allowed, even when some people find it offensive, because Facebook also looks to bring a balance since not everyone will agree with all the content shared, if the post is likely to harm someone, then this one is going to be deleted by the social network team and if the user continuous receiving reports of his or her actions, the account will be deactivated.

Facebook sometimes notifies you when you are violating their terms, for example, they will send a message to let you know that is necessary to stop a specific inappropriate behavior. When the incorrect use of the platform is about the post of the user, the first warning from them would be to block you from posting temporally.

Stay away from the mentioned incorrect actions that are not allowed on the terms of Facebook. Other wrong actions are advertising a fake business to take advantage of the people, hacking someone’s account andspamming other users on chats. Take actions if you notice any situation that breaks the terms and condition of Facebook.

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