Monday, October 29, 2018

Deleting your Facebook account

Social networks have brought with them multiple benefits for the people when it comes to making communication easier and entertainment more diverse. Every day a person can spend hours and hours of the day in a computer or phone and simply stay inside their social networks watching images, funny videos, chatting with friends, sharing their interests or playing a mini game if the platforms offers the option to do it.

The amount of people that use a social network is confirmed to be millions. The intentions of the person as a user depends of the desire or goal of the person; some people use these platforms to simply communicate with those who are far away from them or haven’t talk in a long time, others use them mostly to share their experiences or daily thoughts and situations, another part of the users decide to skip all of that and go straight to the mini games, and of course, some users use the social networks for professional intentions, such as promoting a business or product and getting everyone to know about it since these are the best places nowadays to show something to the world.

Among all of these platforms of interaction, Facebook is the one that exposes more its users. How does Facebook says more about you? First of all, you have a greater amount of features on this website that allows you to share more about you on the internet, from your birthday to your interests and the friends that you have. A lot of people feel like all of this information about themselves on the internet can be dangerous, as they feel insecure about their privacy, although Facebook gives you the option to adjust how private your profile is and to whom.

If you are looking for more privacy or stop some Facebook’s services, keep reading to know your options on this article:
  • More privacy:When a person feels like they privacy is not safe on this platform, he or she looks for a solution about. As it has been mentioned, Facebook offers the opportunity to set how private your account is to the public.
  • Blocking someone:Sometimes the problem is not your privacy, but another account in specific that is causing you problems, annoying you or makes you encourages inappropriate behavior. You can always another’s person profile from you, so the connection between both will stop.
On the other hand, a lot of people tend to get tired of all of these social networks that is dominating the internet, sometimes is because with the years they feel like is not as fun as it used to be, they no longer have the time to enter and get updated with the content on it, or they could see feel like they need to get disconnected from websites like Facebook to get some peace from annoying constant emails and notifications, too many people bothering you at the wrong time, and other personal reasons.

If you didn’t know, there are option that allow to get some distance from everything about Facebook, including the chats, notifications and content. This alternatives are made for those who want to stop the connection with their website account for a few days or even permanently.

What options do you have to get away from your Facebook account?

Depending of your desire you can either choose to deactivate your account or delete it. Is important to know that these options are not the same. Know the difference between them:
  • Deactivating your account: Is like freezing your Facebook. If your desire is to simply stop receiving messages, notifications and so on from Facebook but only for as long as you want, choose this option because you can always activate it again as if nothing happened.
  • Deleting your account: Now this is a big decision to make. Deleting your account means erasing all the information of your profile permanently: photos, videos, friends list, and everything about on it without the chance of getting it back.

What does happen when you delete your Facebook?

After you have deleted your account, you can’t have access to it anymore. Every information on the account will be deleted during the process.

Will my contacts on Facebook know if I delete my account?

The profiles on your friends list won’t get a notification telling them that your profiles does no longer exists, but they won’t find your profile on their friends list, and can neither find it on the browser of Facebook. This doesn’t mean that conversations with them will be deleted too, actually, the contacts will have access to the messages of the chats even after deleting your account.

How long does it take to have my account delete it?

Facebook needs a couple of days to actually delete your account in the way that can log in again. Meaning that after requesting to delete your account, you will have just a few days before it happens, BUT by entering to the account while the process is during, will cancel the request immediately and it will be necessary to request it again.

Can I create another account?

Yes, after deleting your account completely, you are allowed to create another account using the same email since is no longer used.
Knowing this information, if you want to delete your Facebook account, here’s how you can do it:
  1. Open your account menu at the top of the page.
  1. Select the Privacy option and choose “see more settings”.
  1. Click Security.
  1. Select Delete Your Account option.
  1. Choose a reason for this request.
  1. Confirm your request.
  1. Enter your password and click on Delete Now.
Is recommended to reconsider to request option in case that you are completely sure of it. Remember, that it will take a few days before your Facebook account gets deleted and if you want to cancel the process, you will only have to log in again at any time before it is done.

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