Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How to deactivate my Facebook account?

Social networks have taken the internet’s possession in a massive level, leading people to be a user of at least one of them, as they connect you with people all around the world, give you the chance to post a message, a thought, a video and more. Today, the internet is considered a matter of need, but this is more likely to be true depending of the needs of the person. At the same time that those popular platforms grow and improve their services, the users tend to slowly lose interest, feel insecure about the content exposed, need a break of the social networks, get annoyed by the great amount of emails from them or simply stop using them with frequency.

Sometimes even a popular social network such as Facebook can be exhausting, whether is the constant notifications from your friends’ updates, reminders or the continuous emails about those old groups that you found interesting some time ago, but not anymore. A lot of people just ignore these notifications and let Facebook keep repeating them every now and then, but other users just prefer to put an ending since they don’t use Facebook anymore, they don’t like the content being received or personal reasons like being concerned for your online privacy.

When it comes to privacy, you can always choose the conditions of it on your account settings, sometimes the privacy is not the problem, but instead are other reasons that make you say “I want to stop all about Facebook for a while”. Commonly, the thought of getting distance from this platform doesn’t come without the desire of wanting to come back to the use of it. This means that if you just want to “freeze” Facebook but for a certain time, this is the right article to guide you to it make this decision possible.

The most effective way to freeze Facebook from bothering you is by deactivating your account, this is a powerful decision that allows people to stay away from the modern dominator of the internet.Is important to know that “deactivating” your account and “deleting” it are not the same thing. First of all, deactivating means:
  • Temporary decision: In case that you want to go back to use Facebook, you can reactivate your account at any moment that you want since it means that is just for as long as you decide.
  • No available for other users: Is like if you were gone from the platform completely. If your friends look for you on their friend list or the “search bar”, your profile will not be found
  • The chats stay:Your profile will not appear to see it, but the conversations with other users will still be available for them to see. Of course you will no longer appear as “connected”.
  • The information stays: When it comes to reactivating your account again, the information of it will not disappear. Therefore, your friends will still be on your “friends list” and the groups and interests will also be available as if nothing had change.

These are the characteristics of deactivating your account. When it comes to deleting is complete another story. Deleting your account is for the people who are completely sure of not going back to use Facebook on that account anymore.

How to deactivate my Facebook account?

If you are thinking of deactivating your account, you are not the only one, a lot of people find themselves on the need of disconnecting from social networks to get some peace for a while. Now, for deactivating your account is an easy process on the Facebook page:
  1. First, go to the top bar of the page and click on the arrow, this will show a diverse option choices.
  1. Select on the “settings” option.
  1. Go to the left side and click on “General”.
  1. To view the settings of your account you must select “Manage your account”.
  1. Click on “deactivate your account” and confirm this decision.

Now, by the end of these steps you Facebook account will be deactivated and other users will not find you as it was mentioned previously. In case that you want to reactivate it, simply log in as usual and the deactivation will be over as if nothing has happened. Remember to know the difference between “deactivating” and “deleting” your account so you won’t regret of the decision in the future.

You can know when another’s person account is disabled as you cannot find it anywhere, it will appear on the “friends list”, but only the name of the profile and the picture. If the profile was completely delete it, it wouldn’t been seen neither there.

Facebook has become on the most used social network, it created a community where people can feel safe sharing with friends, content that they find interesting, funny or important for others to know. It has improved to give more than just communications between two people, as it offers games to enjoy and get distracted, events schedule options, people can even use this social network to find a job, advertise a business or product and even use it to update with the news of the world. With the expansion of this platform, privacy might be exposed for others, some people just get tired of Facebook with the time, this is more likely to happen to those that have been using it for a long time and slowly stop coming back to its use.

The existence of other potential social networks also thread the interest of people on Facebook, as they feel more comfortable using other platforms that are more simple. This doesn’t mean that Facebook is being forgotten, it means that it has inspired others to create other ways to connect the people, and still be the most popular and used social network.

Is recommended to think if deactivating your account is the right decision, it might not be a big risk as deleting it, but is still pausing every contact and content from the platform completely for as long as you decide.

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