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All about Facebook stock price

One of the greatest websites on the internet is popular social network Facebook. This platforms is an open door to be able to express to the world behind a screen. Since its creation it has expanded its features, from the service that it offers to the amount of users on it. Millions of people around the world connect on Facebook for even hours to chat with others users, share a post, play a mini game, find a job and see content of their interests.

When it comes to being a company, Facebook has reached a position among the most successful companies nowadays. In this article you will know all you about Facebook's stock price to clear your doubts about it.

All about Facebook stock price

First of all, a stock price is a small piece of something bigger, in this case it will be the share price of multiple saleable stocks of a company. In the stock price you can find the highest amount to get a stock of a certain company and also the lowest amount that someone can buy to have a share of the company.

Popular and successful companies are not easy to get a share as many others. Most of the shares of an important company stays only between the families of the owners and really close friends, like a family business. Other companies do expand the chances of sharing a piece of the stocks and the public can buy some of this share.

The stock market has it highs and lows. This means that if you buy a share of a company, you'll see the financial benefits of it sometimes, but could also lost money if the company doesn't have success all the time.

Facebook has raised from nothing to what it is now, a worldwide known company created more than ten years ago. Currently, this is the information about Facebook's stock price taken from yahoo finance website:
  • Previous close: 162.0000
  • Open: 162.0000
  • Bid: 162.76 x 1300
  • Ask: 162.56 x 800
  • Day's range: 160.87 – 163.31
  • 52 week range: 149.0200 – 218.6200
  • Volume: 6,970,285
  • Avg. volume: 25,651,125
  • Market Cap: 465,774B
  • Beta: 0.66
  • PE ratio (TTM) 24.96
  • EPS (TTM): 6.4630
  • Earnings date: October 30, 2018 – November 5, 2018
  • Forward dividend & yield: N/A (N/A)
  • Ex-dividend date: N/A
  • 1 year target Est: 211,03

Deciding to buy a stock of a company, is a decision that can bring you success, but you have to be aware of the stock market movements to know what to do next.
Facebook, as many other companies, has had problems in the past that may have make them seem like it will be the end of the social network on the internet. Mostly, Facebook has been constantly having problems due to the privacy of the users, fake news and more. Since Facebook is a modern tool for getting updates of the world, sometimes is used as a possible harassment, racism or offensive tool.

Even with a lot of relevant problems that have set the website on the edge of a risk, it has been improved in so many different ways and has managed to succeed. A lot of people claim that this social network is closing to its end as it has been having too many lows that have cost millions and millions of dollars to the company these past years, besides the fact that people are slowly leaving Facebook.

The greatness of Facebook comes from its users. To be an incredibly powerful company which success comes from the people, you need to have a massive amount of users being the pillar of the economic income. As way to prepare for its fall, Facebook decided to buy the other popular social networks that are rising.

As mentioned before, at the moment of deciding to buy a share of a company is important that the buyer ensures that the company has the potential needed to return the economic benefits desired. In the case of Facebook, the investor should deeply study the ad revenue growth, usage trends and mobile growth. On the other hand, the person interested in buying a Facebook stock should think if the current price of it is worth to buy at the moment, determining with the analysis of the platform movements mean an increase in every aspect of the company.

According to the financial statements of Facebook, most of its revenue comes from advertising. Referring to this fact, the company has been doing well with advertising, but is not a good idea for a company put 90% of its hopes on one revenue, there should be an expansion to other revenues since with one hit, the whole company receives a great lost.

The stock market sounds to be a great opportunity when you hear that you would be able to get an economic income if the company that you invest goes well, but that's only a tiny portion of information about it, the reality is completely different and it should not be taken as nothing. Therefore, if you are considering investing on a company such as Facebook, is recommended to take your time to know everything about, including the history of its revenue, the hard impacts that it has received and how it was affected by these.

Besides the tough times that this modern company had, is still placed among the best of the world, with the potential to recover from the problems and keep succeeding in the future.

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